Privacy Policy

Lundin Petroleum respects the privacy of persons who use the website and submit personal data to the company. Lundin Petroleum does not collect any personal information on individuals through this website, other than as submitted to us. Lundin Petroleum collects and maintains personal information of visitors only when it is submitted voluntarily, and uses this information only for the purpose of evaluating requests made to Lundin Petroleum and communicating information that has been requested.

Lundin Petroleum will use its reasonable efforts to comply with applicable data protection laws that control the collection and use of data relating to individuals, such as the Swedish Data Protection Act (Personuppgiftslagen 1998:204). This Data Protection Act may apply to the processing of certain personal data submitted to Lundin Petroleum.

Personal data, including names and addresses which you provide to Lundin Petroleum, will be manually processed in order to provide you with the information that you request. Under the Data Protection Act, you may have rights of access and rectification in relation to your personal data.
This website contains links to other websites. Lundin Petroleum is not responsible or liable for the privacy practices of such websites.

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