• The operation was set up to explore for oil and gas resources in Block 5A
  • It was expected that operations would promote economic growth and social development in the region
  • Based on the Khartoum Peace Agreement, signed in April 1997, Lundin expected operations to occur in a peaceful environment
  • Lundin operated in line with the laws and standards of Sweden, the European Union and the United Nations
  • Lundin has always advocated for peace in the region

Lundin’s objectives and expectation in Sudan

This site provides an overview of Lundin’s activities in Sudan from 1997 to 2003, where we operated in an area called Block 5A as part of a consortium formed with the Malaysian company Petronas, the Austrian company OMV and the Sudanese company Sudapet. We divested our interest in 2003 in Block 5A.

Allegations made by some NGOs have resulted in a preliminary investigation initiated by the Swedish Prosecution Office in 2010, but these bear no resemblance to our experience in Sudan.

None of Lundin’s representatives have committed or been complicit in any violations of international humanitarian law and there are no grounds for any allegations of wrongdoing by any Lundin representative.

Our firm belief is that Lundin’s presence in Sudan contributed to improving living conditions in the region. Our community development and humanitarian assistance made life better for thousands of people.

It is very saddening to see the situation in South Sudan, which is deeply tragic for the population. The only way forward today is what we advocated at all times during our presence in the area almost 20 years ago; peace must be achieved and upheld through peaceful means.

Find more detailed information in the report “Lundin History in Sudan“.

Lundin History in Sudan

Download PDF: 1MB

Lundin History in Sudan

Download PDF: 2MB

Open Letter from Ian H. Lundin and
Alex Schneiter | 6 November 2019

Download PDF: 161KB

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