Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy


Cookies are text files containing limited amount of information which are placed on your device. Cookies are used to store certain data e.g. to keep track of pages you visit on a website, identify the device you use and remembering settings such as language preferences for your next visit.

When entering our website you accept our use of cookies. We use cookies on our website and we may receive information from you through the use of cookies when you access our website. See further details below on which categories of cookies we use and why we use them. See also below a description on how to reject and remove cookies.


2.1  Necessary cookies
These cookies are required for basic website functions such as navigation and the website will not function properly without the use of these cookies.

2.2  Cookies for site experience
These cookies are used to enhance the site experience and they might be able to e.g. identify the device you use to access the website. Generally no personal identifiable data are collected by these cookies.

2.3  Cookies for statistics
These cookies help us collect statistics on our visitors to understand how you interact with the website by collecting and reporting information from you anonymously.

We may embed content from third parties’ e.g. video content and application forms. These third parties may use cookies and may receive information collected from those cookies. These parties may also use other categories of cookies than those listed above. Please refer directly to each third party website for more information on how they use cookies.

Recent version of all major browsers gives you as a user control over cookies on your device. You can choose to accept all, certain or no cookies. Information about how to manage cookies should be provided under the help section of your browser.

If you have any queries concerning our use of cookies, please send us an email at:

Our website uses cookies to ensure a good user experience and to collect statistics on our visitors. If you continue browsing our webpage you agree to our use of cookies. For further details on how and why we use cookies and how to change your cookie settings, please refer to our Cookie Policy.