In February 1997, Lundin signed an agreement with the Government of Sudan to search for oil in an area called Block 5A, in the southern part of Sudan, an area which today belongs to the independent state of South Sudan. Shortly after the agreement was signed, we formed a consortium with companies from Austria (OMV), Malaysia (Petronas) and Sudan (Sudapet). The consortium worked together until we divested our interest in Block 5A to Petronas in 2003.


Improving living conditions

Although Lundin held an interest in Block 5A from 1997 to 2003, field activities only took place during parts of 1998, 1999 and 2001. Community development and humanitarian assistance efforts were undertaken throughout the period with peace advocacy commencing actively in early 2001 and continuing well after Lundin departed from the block in 2003.

Timeline of activities



April 1996

To ensure peace in the region and as a precursor to the Khartoum Peace Agreement, a Political Charter was signed between the Government of Sudan and factional groups in southern Sudan

February 1997

An agreement was signed with the Government of Sudan giving Lundin, and soon after the consortium, the right to search for oil in Block 5A

April 1997

The Khartoum Peace Agreement was officially entered into by the Government of Sudan and factional groups in parts of southern Sudan where oil operations were to take place.


E X P L O R A T I O N   A C T I V I T I E S

March to August 1997

Scouting trips were conducted in the area to find potential drilling sites, base camp locations and to assess infrastructure needs.

1998 and early 1999

Seismic data gathering and conducting of environmental studies


Exploratory drilling started in Thar Jath in April

Thar Jath rig site was attacked in May and three guards were killed. All seismic and drilling activities were discontinued.


Operations were recommenced in January

Commercial oil discovery at Thar Jath was announced in March

Operations were suspended in May, initially due to the onset of the rainy season but increasingly due to the unstable security situation



With the exception of a short period in December 2001, Lundin never resumed field operations before it sold its interest in the area two years later.

June 2003

Sale of interest in Block 5A to Petronas

After exiting Block 5A, we continued to advocate for peace

Detailed information regarding our activities is provided in the “Lundin History in Sudan

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