Following discussions with central and local authorities, and the signing of the Khartoum Peace Agreement in April 1997, Lundin expected to be operating in a peaceful environment. After the fighting between the parties that had signed the agreement erupted again, Lundin was highly engaged in promoting peace and the protection of civilians in its area of operation.

Some of these advocacy efforts were made public but most were kept “low profile” as this was believed to be more effective. At all times, the message from Lundin was clear: The only solution for Lundin to be able to operate in the region was a political solution and peace achieved by peaceful means.

In all of its contacts and advocacy efforts, Lundin made this very clear and did not make any requests or demands to the contrary.

In the following years, and also long after Lundin had sold its interest in Block 5A, company representatives engaged with representatives of the Government of Sudan, faction leaders, the international community, diplomats from other countries and different NGOs in order to support peace.

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